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Halton Adult Learning

Introduction to Number Online Reception & Year 1  


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Course Summary

Code: WIZ0000320 

Starting: Wednesday 10 March 2021 

Location: On-line  

Duration: 3 sessions over 3 week(s)

Time: 09:30 

Cost: Free  

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Information Sheet

Course Information



Level: Non-Accredited

Course Length: 3 weeks

Weekly attendance hours: 1.5 hours

Topics covered:
Week 1:
Introduction to Number
and Place value:
Counting on and back
Using Number Lines
The skills of Number Bonding

Week 2:
Adding & Subtracting.
What does add and take away mean?
Using Number lines for Addition & Subtraction
Doubling & Halving

Week 3:
Multiplying & Dividing.
Counting on & back in multiples
Practical sharing
The language of Multiplication & Division  


Time and duration

Start Date: 10 March 2021
Start Time: 09:30
Day: Wednesday Morning
First Lesson Duration: 01:30
Total Weeks: 3